Goa – The Voice of India – World music for relaxation & wellness

Barcode (EAN13): 5901549266344 Producer ID: 266344-PM
Publisher: PRESS & MEDIA
Release date: 2016

  1. New City 07:54
  2. Secret Of Govopuri 11:51
  3. The Road To Pangim 10:21
  4. Sultan Dance 06:39
  5. Golden Gate 07:20
  6. The Charm Of Ela 06:33
  7. Mandovi River 09:44
goa the voice of India

Total time: 60:34 (mm:ss)

Music style: pop, chillout, world music (with vocals)
Category: wellness music, relaxation, background music,
Dedicated to: private and commercial using.
Examples of premises: clubs, cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, waiting rooms, showrooms, hotels, hairdresser’s, shopping center, events etc.

Music and production: b24studio-team (an independent group of musicians, composers and producers by publishing house PRESS & MEDIA)

Real description of the back print cover:

Pictorial in style, full of feeling, this music combines tradition with modernity. The traditional analog sound of the sitar and tablas works in conjunction with piano and the contemporary sounds of synthesisers to create a delightful journey through time from ancient to modern India. The traditional sounds are filled with melancholy, and the new brings a joy of life and optimism together, to form a unique atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and an improvement in overall well-being. Attention! Public playback of the music from this collection is free of  charge to all organizations for collective management of copyright. Waiver of fees may be obtained from the publisher.