Christmas Piano Inspirations – World music for relaxation & wellness

Barcode (EAN13): 5901549266177 Producer ID: 266177-PM
Publisher: PRESS & MEDIA
Release date: 2016

  1. Silenchristmas piano inspirationt Night (England 1818)
  2. White Christmas (USA XIX)
  3. Jesus Teeny – Jezus malusieńki (Poland)
  4. As With Gladness Men Of Old (England 1856)
  5. Miserable Quiet – Mizerna cicha (Poland 1849)
  6. A Way In A Manger (England 1884)
  7. Sleep Jesus – Lulajże Jezuniu (Poland 1705)
  8. The Coventry Carol (England 1534)
  9. Tik Tak (Japan)
  10. Carol Of The Bells (Ukraine)
  11. O Christmas Tree (– Germany 1824)
  12. Morning Has Broken (Scotland)
  13. When The Lovely Miss (Poland XVIII)
  14. Cradled In A Manger Meanly (England 1879)
  15. The Sages Of The World (Poland XVII)
  16. Deck The Halls (England 1877
  17. Silence Night (Poland XVIII)
  18. Ding dong Merrily on high (England XV)
  19. The First Nowell (England XVII)
  20. Gabriel’s Message (England XVIII)
  21. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (England 1833)
  22. Good King Wenceslas (Finland 1582)
  23. Joy to the world (England XVIII)

Total time: 68 min.

Music style: classic, piano
Category: wellness music, relaxation, background music,
Dedicated to: private and commercial using.
Examples of premises: clubs, cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, waiting rooms, showrooms, hotels, hairdresser’s, shopping center, events etc.

Music and production: b24studio-team (an independent group of musicians, composers and producers by publishing house PRESS & MEDIA)

Real description of the back print cover:

Christmas Piano Inspiration is a collection of the world’s most beautiful Christmas carols and captivating melodies associated with the period of Christmas. Curious, more than hour, full of surprises and unexpected harmony piano arrangement of connecting all the pieces together. This music will delight every listener and takes him full of peace and inner joy atmosphere of Christmas. Attention! Public playback of the music from this collection is free of  charge to all organizations for collective management of copyright. Waiver of fees may be obtained from the publisher.