Balance of Life – Relaxation Spa & Wellness Music

Barcode (EAN13): 5901549266283 Producer ID: 266283-PM
Publisher: PRESS & MEDIA
Release date: 2016

  1. Morning Breath
  2. Flying Soul
  3. Garden Siesta
  4. Infinite Dreams
  5. Magic Stories
  6. Elves Return
balance of life

Total time: 58:37 (mm:ss)

Music style: chillout, R&B, relaxation music
Category: wellness music, relaxation, background music,
Dedicated to: private and commercial using.
Examples of premises: cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, waiting rooms, showrooms, hotels, hairdresser’s, shopping center, events etc.

Music and production: b24studio-team (an independent group of musicians, composers and producers by publishing house PRESS & MEDIA)

Real description of the back print cover:

The music on the album is a specific potion that restores emotional and physical balance. Quiet piano passages and the sounds of classical guitar will fill the listener with positive energy and optimism. Modern arrangement, refreshing melodies and excellent music production give a combination that guarantees unique experience and successful therapy. This universal music will be ideal for both your home and a professional salon as background music for cosmetic procedures, massage sessions and relaxation exercises. Attention! Public playback of the music from this collection is free of  charge to all organizations for collective management of copyright. Waiver of fees may be obtained from the publisher.